Sudden Attack 2 Official Cinematic Trailer
30.05.2019 121 Автор: ąnizórđą

Sudden Attack 2 Official Cinematic Trailer

Sudden Attack 2 Available July 6, 2016 on PC.

Sudden Attack 2 is a forthcoming title that is being developed by NEXON GT, a well-known developer for FPS games.
It is an official sequel to Sudden Attack, which had been ranked as the No.1 PC game for 106 consecutive weeks in Korea and hold the record of 350,000 PCU. It still is the No.1 FPS Game in Korea.
The Unreal Engine 3-powered high-quality graphics and its enhanced hit impact will bring more fun and intense battles to the players. NEXON GT will present this astonishing new FPS game with the know-how and the advanced technics that are obtained by servicing Sudden Attack.
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